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 Trap boxes for PVP

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Trap boxes for PVP Empty
PostSubject: Trap boxes for PVP   Trap boxes for PVP I_icon_minitimeWed Dec 24, 2014 9:01 pm

I tried to make one using the following method but it wouldn't work.

"to make things easy for you i suggest useing a Large wooden crate the square one it will not bug up like the rectangle ones do

step one make box with a carpenter but try to have small amount of tinkering 30 be ideal i expect though may need to make a few to get a lockable one.

step 2 make trap again lower tinker skill the better for this part get min skill and use a talisman with tinker bouns to help with success trap the box

step 3 lock it put it on the floor of your house and secure it

step 4 use a decoration tool and turn the box one time

step 5 unsecure it cast unlock then you should have a trap box that will allways stay traped for you with low dmg output.

So carpentry and tinker needed any carpentry above large crate will do and you want low as you can go for tinker 30 is your goal i think.

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Trap boxes for PVP
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