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 Charecter creation basics

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PostSubject: Charecter creation basics   Charecter creation basics I_icon_minitimeSat May 04, 2013 2:32 am

You will first pick the name, sex and race of your character. You can also pick your hairstyle and color and the color of your starting clothes. On the next screen, you can select the starting template and later the starting location of your character. You can move to the next screen or return to the previous screen by pressing the arrows on the bottom right of the window.“Paladins are the holy warriors of the realm. These protectors of the virtues have a number of defensive as well as offensive abilities available to them.”“Necromancers wield the dark force of Death itself as a means to find ultimate magic power. They use the power of the other side to both attack their foes and to protect themselves.”“Warriors are physically the toughest of adventurers, battling their foes in all-out hand to hand combat. Such individuals require great strength to wear heavy armor and survive battles with dangerous foes.”“The Mage is an expert magic user. Though they have both defensive and offensive magic, mages are especially well-equipped to deal out damage in combat and are most effective at a distance.”“The Blacksmith’s job is to locate and mine ore, smelt it into ingots, and forge the ingots into weapons and armor to sell at shops or to other players. A new blacksmith should first find a public smithy to use.”“The Samurai is an elite warrior who seeks to achieve perfection through battle. They strike with great accuracy, can handle multiple opponents, and have mastered the art of parrying with weapons.”“The Ninja is an assassin who uses stealthy tactics and summons deadly magic in combat to confuse and weaken their enemy.”These templates grant you different skill layouts orientated towards your choice. Note that your character’s class is is based on nothing other then these skill points, which can be changed in whatever way you like later on. For example, a stealthy rogue can later change disposition to that of a hulking warrior, and then switch again to that of an intelligent mage – or your character can take up aspects of many classes at the same time! Furthermore, you are not locked into using certain weapon/armor types by your choices – while some skills do directly relate to certain forms of equipment, this is more of a guideline then a rule.It is generally a good idea to start with an adventuring character, as crafters rely on adventurers for the materials with which they work their trades. Granted, materials can also be bought from other players, but that requires gold (and usually lots of it). You may have multiple characters so you can always make a new one later if things don’t work out (there are limits, but unwanted characters can also be deleted and replaced).
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Charecter creation basics
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